Wall Street Week 08/04/2023

Wall Street Week 08/04/2023

動画公開日 : 2023-08-05 08:26:12

On this special edition of Wall Street Week, Bloomberg’s David Westin spoke with key players in economic policy and business as they gathered in Colorado for the 2023 Aspen Economic Strategy Group Conference. Cecilia Rouse, Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair tells us why a little cooling is essential for the US labor market. Lawrence H. Summers, Former Treasury Secretary & Wall Street Week Contributor warns that inflation might be on the rise again. Hank Paulson & Tim Geithner, Former US Treasury Secretaries discuss what can be done to balance the fiscal state of the US. Dave Cote, Vertiv Executive Chairman discusses what he thinks the Chips and Science Act will accomplish, and Austan Goolsbee, Chicago Fed president and Raphael Bostic, Atlanta Fed President both signal that the Fed is not done hiking rates just yet.
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