Wall Street Week 09/15/2023

Wall Street Week 09/15/2023

動画公開日 : 2023-09-16 08:53:02

On this edition of Wall Street Week, Savita Subramanian, BofA Head of US Equity and Quantitative Strategy tells us why the UAW auto strike is more evidence of closing the wealth gap. Marty Chavez, Sixth Street Partners Vice Chairman explains the strategies the financial services world should employ when adopting AI. Ruth Simmons, Former Brown University President and Harvard University Senior Adviser urges corporations to lead the charge in improving diversity and access. Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland Professor explains the economic and educational advantage children have in a two-parent household and Lawrence H. Summers, Former US Treasury Secretary shares how he is teaming up with Bono to advocate for debt relief for developing economies.
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